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 2011 Season:

July 9, 2011 - Na Kai 'Ewalu, John Wilmington Regatta at Kahului Harbor - Way to go Napili!!  3rd place overall by 1 point!!! Amazing job!  Keep up the good work!

July 2, 2011 - Leilani's Breakfast Fundraiser - Mahalo to Leilani's restaurant, Manager Jason Donez and all the wonderful staff and assistants during the event!  Great job to all wo came out to support NCC - diners and workers!

June 4, 2011:  Lae'ula o Kai's Mayor's 'Umeke - Kahului Harbor - 3rd place overall!!!  Imua Napili!

May 15, 2011 - Hana Sarah Joe Regatta - Hana Bay - 3rd place!!!  Yeah, way to go keiki!!!

May 14, 2011 - Hana 'Alau Island Race - Hana Bay - way to go adults!!!

April 21, 2011 - Long Distance Fundraiser @ Lahaina Lulu's  -  Entertainment by Roots Judgement;  click here for flyer

April 17, 2011 - Blessing of Iwikuamo'o and Lauaki -  (mahalo Jenn!!!)
Iwikuamo'o: Spine or Backbone of the high chief
Lauaki: To cooperate, work together as experts

2010 Season:

August 14, 2010:  Paddlemania Auction!!!! – Rainbow House, Lahaina

August 14, 2010:  Lae Ula o Kai's Ka Lae Pohaku to Hanakao'o Long Distance Race - Tag Team

August 7, 2010:  Ke'ehi Lagoon, O'ahu - HCRA State Canoe Paddling Championships:  Awesome job Napili!!  1st place finish for Mixed 12 (undefeated!), 2nd place finish for Girls 12 and 3rd place finishes for Boys 12 and Girls 14 -- all 11 races earned points towards Napili's 5th place overall finish in the AA division!  AWESOME job everyone!  A successful end to a successful journey!  Mahalo to all the people who helped to make this dream a reality -- the coaches, executive and member board of NCC, parents,  community supporters and especially the NCC PADDLERS for training hard, making the committment and giving it your all -- we couldn't have done it without all of you!  Now begins the off season training for those not continuing on to Long Distance.  Imua Napili! 

 (click for more states pictures)

See the Maui News article titled "Valley Isle Clubs Shut Out" 

 Napili's Men's Sophomore compete at States!  (photo by Karis Lo, Maui News)

July 31, 2010:  Hanakao'o Beach Park, Lahaina - Lau Lau plate fundraiser:  LOTS of lau lau -- SOLD!!!  Yeah, now we can pay for our accomodations for the State races.  Ke'ehi Lagoon, here we come!!!

\ (click for more lau lau sale pictures)

July 24, 2010:  Hawaiian's MCHCA Championship Regatta - Kahului Harbor:  Another great racing day!  Lots of excitement as Napili qualifies 9 crews for states!!!  Train hard and hope to do well!!!

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July 17, 2010:  Lahaina's Keiki O Maui Regatta – Hanaka‘o‘o Beach:  What a truly AWESOME day!  Na keiki o Napili were recognized for all their hard work and dedication by capturing the Lahaina Canoe Club Keiki o Maui Keiki division trophy!  As coach Nori, coach Manny, coach Al, coach Rayleen, coach Eugene and coach Courtney always say, "Hard work pays off!"  And it sure did today! 

July 10, 2010:  Kihei's Moki Kalanikau Regatta – Ka Lae Pohaku Beach:  Hu, ka wela a me nui ka makani i keia la!  The wind and the heat did not stop Napili's Keiki from achieving their goals today - A season record high of five 1st places were awarded to our keiki.  Many second place finishes were also very, very close!  Overall, everyone is showing improvement!  Way to go Napili!

July 3, 2010:  Napili Canoe Club's 2nd fundraiser - Breakfast at Leilani's on the Beach.  Mahalo to TS Restaurant's Leilani's on the Beach General Manager Jason Donez and his staff for a truly successful fundraiser event.  The sausage, eggs, rice and muffin was 'ono-licious!  Mahalo to the many Napili hands who showed up that morning to cook, wash dishes, serve, run, seat, great and clean up!  Imua Napili! 

July 2, 2010:  Napili Canoe Club keiki head to Kahakuloa for a work day!  Keiki ranging from ages 7 to 14 learn to identify native and non-native plants, weed and clean taro patches (lo'i kalo), clear non-native tree debris, pound taro into poi and dig, cut and plant taro.  All work and no fun was definitely NOT the case here - NCC keiki also got to experience the cool waters of the stream and soft, rich lepo (dirt) of the taro patches.  Click here to see more!  Mahalo to Uncle Oliver and aunty Val Dukelow for opening their home/lo'i, the 'ono laulau and for sharing the priceless mana'o.  Also, mahalo nui to coach Al and coach Manny for taking the time to transport, feed and malama na keiki on this wonderful journey!  Hana hou!

June 26, 2010:  Na Kai 'Ewalu's John Wilmington III Regatta – Kahului Harbor:  Awesome job Napili!  Lots of close finishes --- keep up the hard work!  Maika'i loa!

June 20, 2010:  Paddlemania pa'ina - Mahalo nui to all who attended this wonderful event.  Special thanks to Fran, Ellen, Marilyn & Kim for all their hard work and dedication, behind and in front the scenes; to Coache Mike, Coach Nori and their mea 'ai crew for all the 'ono food; and to the executive board, Jeannie, Theresa, Carol and Tammy, and the NCC board who spent many moons planning this event!  a me mahalo nui e na kanaka hoe wa'a o ka hui o Napili no ko kakou kokua'ana!

June 19, 2010:  Kahana Canoe Club's Naleieha Regatta – Hanakao'o Beach Park: Another fun and exciting day for Napili Canoe club! 

June 12, 2010:  Napili Canoe Club Dougie Tihada Regatta - Hanakao'o Beach Park
What a day for the history books!!!  The regatta day was a success - from great food, awesome raffle prizes, nice tees and, oh yeah, impressive paddling!!!  Mahalo to all who helped to prepare, partake, run and clean up after this wonderful occasion. 

June 5, 2010:  Lae'ula o kai Mayor’s ‘Umeke Regatta – Kahului Harbor:  Napili Canoe Club did very well!  Na keiko o Napili achieved 51 of the day's 58 points, placing NCC at 4th overall!  Awesome job everyone!  Click here to see photos of the day! Click here to read Maui News' report of the day.

May 23, 2010: 1st 2010 Club Fundraiser  - Lau Lau Plate Lunch sale, Hanakao'o Beach Park - Lau lau plate was onolicious and sale was a success!  Mahalo to all who helped to prep, cook, sell and support NCC in this fundraising event! 

May 16, 2010: Pre-Season Regatta - (Hana Canoe Club Sarah Joe Regatta) - Hana Bay -
Sunday's regatta resulted in Napili winning 2nd place OVERALL!!!   Congratulations Napili!! 

 March 20, 2010:  Napili Canoe Club Opening day for the 2010 Regatta Season was a success!  Mahalo to all for the hard work and effort on our Opening Day!   Here’s to a great new season!

March 6, 2010:  Aloha, e kipa mai 'o Po'ohala!  Mahalo to all who helped to make this wonderful day possible.

Aug. 13, 2009: Napili Canoe Club Wins State Championship

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